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EWTF preview series, chapter 1.3: likely to fail

Here’s the third chapter! Getting down to crunch time now! As long as there are no snags in the formatting (and there shouldn’t be – I’ve practiced it a bit before), the ebook should go live sometime around Friday! ************************************** 1.3: LIKELY TO FAIL It 

EWTF preview series, chapter 1.2: things to do before forty

Here’s the second chapter for my Exactly Where They’d Fall preview series! This one is more newly revised than most of the others, so hopefully I got all the typos out of it, lol! 😉 ************************************** 1.2: THINGS TO DO BEFORE FORTY The dog died. 

EWTF preview series: bathroom shenanigans and killing darlings

You have to kill your darlings, they say. You can ask my LH peanut gallery if you want – I have a thing about bathroom shenanigans. Don’t ask me why. Perhaps you can blame it on the Sims I used to use to illustrate my 

EWTF preview series, chapter 1.1: a fraction of a sliver of a moment

I’m happy to announce the start of the EWTF Preview Series leading up to next week’s release of my debut novel, Exactly Where They’d Fall! (No, you guys, in my head it’s more like: Wheeee!!!!!11!!!! OMG, OMG, OMG! *bites fingernails* lol!) In the next ten-or-so 

the last revision: a life for keeps

Hey, you guys! How ARE you? What have you been doing? Is life good? So sorry about the silence lately. Sometimes you just have to duck your head down and work, rather than just talking about the work. Sometimes you have to get off Pinterest 

lucky seven meme

I was tagged by Nina for this. I rarely do memes but since I don’t have anything else more useful to post on my blog today, here it goes! 😀 Here are the rules: Go to page 7 or 77 in your current manuscript Go 

officially introducing: Exactly Where They’d Fall

It’s shocking to me how little I’ve managed to say publicly about this book so far, especially when I used to say so much about previous projects. I have my reasons – gun-shy about all those half-written books I didn’t finish (yet), which made me 

my first year as a part-time (soon-to-be) novelist

My boy finished his last week of preschool last week. This first year for us – first year of school for him, first year working on anything in a very focused capacity for me – went by sort of unnoticed, I think. We started it, 

week #11/52: Easter eggs

Jodie was reading on the couch when Piper burst into the apartment, bringing the wind with her, smelling of dried leaves and the crispness of fall. Hayden followed behind her, tall and nervous. Jodie made men nervous. She didn’t know why. Piper ran up the 

week #9/52: fallacy

Amelia came home to an empty house, and Drew’s absence from it felt unsettling. Coming home to him was a comfort she never realized until he wasn’t here. They didn’t officially live together, except that most of the time, they did. He’d even taken up