paperback proofs are in! who wants one!?!

The funny thing is, I’ve seen this book printed out on copy paper. I’ve seen it in various forms of ebook or PDF. I’ve seen pieces of it posted on blogs. But this, people, is a book! Not that an ebook is any less of a book, or any less of an enjoyable reading experience. I don’t really know how to explain it, lol! I don’t even read on paper anymore, but still, there’s just *something* about printed words on paper, bound together between two covers. What is that?

I don’t know where the future of books is going. It’s trending toward digital, that much I know. Maybe paper books will become collectors’ items, pretty accessories to decorate your bookshelves with.

In any case, the paperback version is *nearly* finished. There’s just one change I want to make to the interior – the margins are just a bit more crowded than I feel comfortable with – then it goes live! A paper book that you can hold in your hands, people! I sort of feel like putting one in my purse and carrying it around with me, lol!

I’m so excited I feel like I should share one with someone. (I knew I would be this excited, so I planned ahead and ordered two proofs, one for me, and one to give away!) And I know some of you have been waiting a really long time to read this in paper. So…

Giveaway time!!!

I’m dying to send one of these proofs to someone! Leave a comment here on this post (make sure you leave your email address too so I can contact you!), and on Friday (9/12), I’ll choose one winner at random to receive a signed paperback proof. The proof is nearly identical to the finished version, except there’s an extra page at the end that’s stamped “proof”. Anyone can enter, worldwide! Who wants one?!

(Also, don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter if you want to be notified as soon as the final paperbacks are available to buy. I’m aiming to have it out officially by September 25th.)