week #1: daylight savings time

Daylight savings time

daylight savings time:

The clock has dust on it; I notice this as I take it down to change the time. One hour lost. Who dusts their clocks? I don’t have time to dust my bathroom of all its toilet tissue fluff. I’m lucky if I have time to clean the toilet at all. The bathroom mirror is speckled with dried water from toothbrushes and face washes. The counter top is wiped; at least there’s that. The round vanity light bulbs are mismatched, two compact fluorescent and two (standard) ones. Time moves forward without stopping. Before you know it, you can’t even remember what old-fashioned light bulbs were called.

So begins a new 52 weeks project! (Just a few weeks late… how did it become March already!?)

This year’s project is much simpler than the last. No finding story excerpts to set up. Just a few simple minutes of my time, once a week, one “interesting” spot, and noticing things. (Note that “interesting” will be subjective, obviously – whatever is interesting to me at the time. I’ll try to adventure a little further than my messy bathroom next time, lol!)

52 weeks of noticing things. This is sort of inspired by the book I’m currently reading, Cafe du Jour by Lilian Darcy, and as I read it I am continually struck with both awe and seething jealousy of the details she uses. When I read her work, I feel my own details so terribly lacking. I want to notice such small and perfect things! I want my writing to have that richness of detail.

So this will be a year-long (or well, the 10 months left of the year anyway) practice in noticing things.

There wasn’t much to notice here in my un-dusted bathroom – this was just a launching off post. Funny enough, the two posts I’ve done so far (one unposted still) have turned into something almost like a poem, lol! Maybe this is also my subconscious telling me I want to write more poetry? 😉

Also, whee!!! Look at me playing with Instagram! Hubby bought me a new iPhone this week! 😀

ETA: Incandescent, by the way! That’s what old-fashioned light bulbs are called! Pre-coffee brain.