going to a happy place for a couple weeks…

If you remember back in this post, I promised a “part 2” to my self-publishing mini-series, and yes, that’s still coming. First though, I need to retreat to my editing cave. I’m passing off my final, FINAL draft to my proof-readers NEXT WEEK! (OMG, right?) We’re like, almost there, people!

I could panic just thinking about it, which is why I’m trying not to think about it too hard, lol!

Traverse City, summer 2011

I’ve finally uploaded the rest of my Traverse City pics from last summer – the deep blue waves, the sand so white you can just tell it would be so warm and smooth between your toes. They’re very relaxing to look at, so go check those out!

So, for now, I have a guest coming to my blog tomorrow! Jenna Anderson will be here, and it’ll be my very first time hosting a visitor on my little corner of the internet, so I hope you’ll all stop by to say hello and make her feel very welcome.

Then on Friday, I’m going to start my preview series for Exactly Where They’d Fall, and you’ll get to read the whole first chapter for free! I’m going to try out Scribd for reading. Seems like a really nice reading and sharing platform. And from there, if you don’t want to read it online, I believe you can download it as a PDF and read it on your e-reader! Or hey, print it on paper too if you want!

The preview series will be the first five chapters of the book, one of them posted (for free!) every Friday leading up to Release Day! 😀

Also, I’m not sure if it goes without saying or not, but in the weeks to come, with the preview series, or any blog entries of substance, and on Release Day of course, I would appreciate any and all sharing or FB liking or reblogging or retweeting you might feel like doing. It’s a big job, and I’m one little woman. I feel stupid and cheesy typing “PLS RT” after every Tweet or whatever, so I won’t, but just know that if you do, I’ll love you forever and ever and ever!

So if you don’t see me much on Twitter or Facebook or wherever these next couple weeks, you’ll know what I’m up to. After I get this proofing draft out to my very gracious proofreaders, I’ll have some more time for blogging again, and I’ll follow up with that “part 2” of the self-publishing series. And making other fun goodies for Release Day, like bookmarks and key chains! 😀

But for now, into the editing cave with me! Deep breath and think of a happy place…

Traverse City, summer 2011