week #50-something: songs that remind me of the 90’s

This is one of those fluffy posts, because I failed to have anything more significant to say. You can be assured I’m just pouring all of my brain-power into my fiction. Because if this post were edible, it would be cotton-candy.

Modern songs that remind me of the 90’s:

Silversun Pickups, “Lazy Eye”

They remind me of old-school Smashing Pumpkins! I’m hearing a bit of “Cherub Rock” from Siamese Dream. How about you guys?

MGMT, “Kids”

I don’t know why this one reminds me of the 90’s, but it does, lol! Maybe the animation reminds me of “Paranoid Android“, in that way it’s deceptively childish while actually being nightmarishly disturbing.

Foster the People, “Pumped Up Kicks”

I first wanted to say the sound reminded me of mid-90’s Beck, but then when I actually went back to listen to some Beck it was a little off. Maybe I’m thinking of someone else? The dude’s voice is something else entirely, and I can’t think of who he reminds me of. Totally 90’s though.

Happy listening!