an alternate reality Danny and Lexi story

My hubby wanted to help me reach 20,000 words on the novel. I’m not sure this one will make the final cut, but it was a nice effort. Thanks honey 🙂

An alternate reality Danny and Lexi story, by Jim Amos

Danny raised the chainsaw until it was at head-height – each pneumatic tooth purring like some crazed panther on a hunting high – then swung with all his upper body strength in a downward arc that sprayed Lexi’s arterial plasma like rain from a garden sprinkler. He was sorry that it would come to this, so sorry. He had loved Lexi since that day when they were 9 years old and playing tic-tac-toe inside the tunnel under the old quarry, but a zombie was a zombie and so there could be no other end to their relationship than one of severed flesh and disintegrated bone. Of course he wished he had taken the opportunity to get inside her panties first – but he was beginning to understand that life nearly always held you back from what you really wanted. At least he had escaped having his dick ripped off by this fiend of the undead. There was always that.