progress report, turkey coma, still

So last week kind of fell into Thanksgiving and got dissolved, and then like a black hole, it sucked up Monday, and then Tuesday as well.

I didn’t work on my novel a single word last week. I’m okay with that though, little breaks can be efficient sometimes. And I just finished reading over everything I have, which is several segmented chapters, adding up to about 40-something pages so far. It’s beginning to resemble the first part of a novel. It’s shaping.

Last week’s questionable second-person short story got worked into third person after all, and I think I might be happy with it. Still poking at it – you know, turkey coma and all…

I tried to do a kick-ass yoga video last week, but the child vetoed that idea really fast. Yoga isn’t really so productive when he thinks downward-dog is like a bridge he can crawl under. Ah well… I walked 6.5 miles last week, which wasn’t a complete flop. We’re moving out of walking weather this time of year anyway, so I’ll take whatever I get. We might have a day or two this week.

(I hear you saying, “Dude, did you really just talk about your walking schedule in relation to the damn weather?” Yes, I did. Sorry about that.)

Yesterday marks the end of NaNoWriMo, so I hope everyone was productive with their novels last month, whatever stage of writing that might be. My official word count for the month was about 5000 words. Hey, no scoffing at my words! I’m pulling the “mommy of a crazy three year-old” card, and dammit, they were very good words!

Plan for December then… I’ve got 3 full weeks before Christmas madness sets in. I should at least be able to match the word count I wrote for November. I’d really like to get the first part (seven chapters) done in a solid way and get a couple readers for it after the new year, to make sure it’s going where I want it to go, make sure the characters are who I think they are, make sure it’s actually working ‘n stuff.