day 3: open office rocks!

So the first half of yesterday I spent having a five-hour conversation with hubby about what makes a story interesting vs. ordinary (I meant to blog about that today, but I’ll blog about that tomorrow instead, as I have some novel words to catch up on).

I spent the second half of the day crashing my computer with my “acquired” copy of Microsoft Word. No complaints allowed really, you know, understanding the situation of things 😉 My only complaint is that Word is so damn expensive. I mean, really, $99 (and that’s on sale from $149!) just to do a little typing???

So today, I want to plug Open Office, which is FREE! Yay for free! And it does everything I needed from the Microsoft Office suite, which is really just some word processing and spreadsheets, and seems to be nearly identical in its capabilities, and even better in some ways. It’s a very nice little setup, and saves my files in .doc and .xls, so screw Microsoft!!!

NaNoWriMo Stats: end of day 2

2206 words

+1000 words for yesterday, which I doubt, actually. This is probably just a difference in the word count tool between the different softwares. It feels like I only accomplished about half that.