hey look, i didn’t break it!

Chair graphic is gone! Colors changed! You really have no idea how proud I am, simply of the task of having not broken the damn thing in the process 🙂

My child keeps bringing me sock lint off the floor and saying “bug.” One of these days he’s going to bring me an actual bug and I’m going to freak out.

not a writer:

novel stats:
49,100 wds
150 pages
working on chapter 5 of 13

That’s a freaking lot of words for not even 5 full chapters, with 8 more to go. Crap! What, do I think I’m John Irving or something??? I do know there will be some skinnier chapters coming up, but man! I’m going to have some cutting to do.

Had a conversation with hubby this week that unraveled another huge thread in my novel – about how you grow up with this image of your parents and who they were, whether that is good or bad – and then upon becoming an adult, you start to see them through entirely different eyes. Were the horrible things they did really so horrible, or are they redeemable? And you find out other things about them, less than noble things, secrets they kept from you and mistakes they might have made, things you didn’t know they were even capable of doing, or might have done, that causes you to think about them as entirely different people.

And what does this mean of your childhood memories then? Does it make them less valid?

And crap, I’m a parent now. I can’t help but wonder in what ways I will inevitably fuck up my own child. Because everyone does it. It cannot be avoided. I’ll leave you with that happy thought, lol 🙂