We went to see Radiohead at the Blossom Music Center on Monday. It was packed! And we were about eight light-years from the stage, but it was such a good show! We were down in Cuyahoga Falls, near Akron/Cleveland. It’s really pretty there, right inside Cuyahoga Valley National Park. I could totally live somewhere like that!

I even bootlegged myself a video of “All I Need” and I am surely the absolute worse bootlegger alive! (not that this is something I aspire to be good at…) But I got the whole song, and even managed to hold the camera still for a few seconds. Like hubby said, I don’t think MTV will be hiring me any time soon 🙂

It’s only illegal if you try to sell it, right?… Well, who was going to tell on me, the guy to my left with the joint, or the guy to my right with the joint? There was so much pot in that crowd!

Anyway, some pictures, from eight light-years away.

blossom music center