explosion is the word of the week

Happy 4th of July!!! We’re taking Dylan to see the fireworks at Kensington Metropark tonight. If he doesn’t have too much of a melt-down, that is. He’s been in the worst mood EVER for two days now. I think he must be getting a tooth or something.

I would also like to say that he has peed on his potty three times now 🙂

not a writer:

The World Could Explode: a Love Story

This is my working title of the moment… yet another one. This one comes from a line of dialogue I wrote for the last chapter. Better than the last one, even though the last one was cute – A Scientific Study in Kissing Boys. I still adore it, actually, but it doesn’t really fit. Maybe I’ll use it for a short story some day. This one doesn’t make the book sound chick-lit-y, doesn’t take itself too seriously while at the same time remaining just the very littlest bit poignant (at least in reference, it does). Eh, I’ll probably change my mind again next week.

Hubby doesn’t like it though. He thinks it sounds like some global warming book Al Gore would write, lol. Could make sense though – one of my characters does end up having a bit of a crush on Al Gore! 🙂

novel stats:
36,600 words (33%)
111 pages
working on chapter 4 of 13

not a film critic:

Cashback. Totally a man’s fantasy movie! Lots of gratuitous boobs and skirt-lifting. But it was hilarious and sweet, seriously! A love story that your husbands/boyfriends will enjoy, lol.