pink elephants on parade

not a writer:

novel stats:
34,100 words (~31%)
105 pages
working on chapter 4 of 13

Only about 2000 words added to the story this week. I haven’t really done much with chapter four yet beyond just the first few pages, since I’m still polishing up chapter three to send out to my writing group this weekend. I’ve spent a lot of time this week researching, learning things I didn’t know about elephants and drugs mostly – though having nothing to do with each other in the story. That would be a weird story, lol.

Did you know that marijuana does not actually kill any brain cells, as much as our high school guidance counselors would have liked us to think it did? Did you know that elephants in captivity devote roughly 45% of their sexual encounters to animals of the same sex? Well, that’s what I learned this week.

My six-word memoir for Kim:

Desperately trying to have coherent thoughts. (I write as my child refuses to take his nap…)