like, genius smart

This is the part where I avoid writing a chapter because a character is too much unlike myself that it become something like work. The biggest problem is that this guy is supposed to be really, really smart. Much smarter than I am. I have been able to dig up this conversation on the subject, but I’m welcoming any more advice anyone might have. Exactly what I don’t want to do is give this guy a bunch of degrees, since his is more of an inherent brilliance anyway. He’s supposed to be some kind of entrepreneurial genius. And it’s totally doing him no justice at all by having all the other characters talk about how brilliant he is. I am well aware of that.

The extent of my own working expertise is bank telling, waitressing, and pizza making. But then, I’m not even sure people really want to read about characters working anyway, do they? I’m not sure how to go about this exactly. Because I also don’t want to limit myself to forever writing about college students, stay-at-home-moms, waitresses and bank tellers.

‘Fess Up Friday:

Not a novelist: Not too much accomplished on the novel this week, netting only about 1300 words since the beginning of the week, though there was some cutting and rewriting in that. I’ve been kind of avoiding my first chapter because of the above-mentioned problem. Chapter two is done, done, done, for now, and needs to be left the hell alone! (I’m telling myself this) I have about five single-spaced pages of notes to start chapter three, which I will once I get over this issue with my super-smart-entrepreneur-dude.

Not a musician: I am in love with Kate Nash this week, a spunky British songwriter, and her Made of Bricks. Gorgeous music, and witty lyrics about fucked up and hilarious relationships. I have a quote from “Birds” in my sidebar, and you just have to read “Foundations.” So funny, so clever, I love it! Have a quick listen for free on Songza 🙂

Not a reader: Still working on finishing up Tooth and Claw, which is absolutely one of the best story collections ever! Also reading Bee Season, by recommendation for its writing of family dynamics and alternating POV.