i am a writer, i am, i am!

I just went into the basement to start a load of laundry, and walked straight through a spider web. Ick! I feel all creepy-crawly now!

The novel continues to be written! My first completed draft of the second chapter (I ended up writing the second chapter before the first, lol) is a whopping 42 pages and almost 14,000 words. So considering a 100,000 word novel, which I have read is a good limit/goal for a first-time novelist, that would put me at about 14% done! Yay! And that’s not counting maybe another 5,000 words in notes. Maybe it’s the spring weather? I think so clearly when I’m out walking, and almost always come back with a bunch of ideas to write down.

And now, let’s talk about sex, baby 😉

Since my novel pretty much revolves around a group of particularly horny college kids (are there such things as non-horny college kids?), I figured I am bound to have to write some kind of sex scene at some point. I found this article on writing sex, and it was just hilarious! Must read! Even for non-writers. Sex is pretty funny after all 🙂