my thighs growing by the minute

valentine flowers

valentine candy

Sweets from my valentine. (note the grubby little hand going for my chocolates 🙂 )

If this week could be defined in one word, that word would be CHOCOLATE! Even before Valentine’s Day, my dear husband brought home FOUR boxes of Girl Scout cookies. He didn’t know that we are boycotting the poor girl scouts for their use of hydrogenated oils, but besides that, who did he think was going to eat them??? Because you know, if you have Samoas in the house, they have to be eaten immediately! So I did.

He is obviously, very, very sweet to me, so we forgive him.

But the best thing about today is that I happened to discover my old weight tracking charts this morning, and I found that right now I am smaller at every point on my body than I have ever been in the last five years. (But maybe not after I finish all of this chocolate!) Even though I do weigh a good five pounds more than my lowest weight. Hell, I’ll take a smaller waist over five pounds on the scale. Here is where it pays off to be the kind of nerd who keeps charts of her weight and measurements dating back almost five years.

I hope you all had a happy and indulgent Valentine’s Day 🙂