calamari without the squidy parts

Juno, movie poster

You must all cancel what you had planned this weekend, and IMMEDIATELY go see Juno! It was rated 94% Fresh on! I have never in my life been to a movie where people laughed so loud! It was so clever, and adorable, and hilarious! Go! I mean, as soon as you’re finished reading this blog entry 😉

Now, calamari. Last night was the first time I’ve ever been served calamari WITH the squidy parts. I didn’t know what to do. The tentacles were right there on the plate, breaded and fried along with the rings. I was in shock. Jim said he felt sick. I felt a little bit put-off, though I continued to eat the rings, because dammit, they were good! Light and crispy with a hint of lemon, mmmm…

But the tentacles??? Do people really eat these? It was like seeing a shrimp with the legs and head still attached – they’re bugs! Or how some restaurants serve fish just as it came out of the water, with the eyes and fins and bones intact. Or chicken with the skin on, and sometimes you discover a little bit of a feather! No thanks, too much reality for me!