dear God, not Walmart!

Dylan watches walmart commercial

It is disturbing to me how he is drawn to these commercials. He doesn’t care about The View that I am watching as I fold the laundry. But when the commercials start, he is drawn to them like a Siren’s song. The volume is louder, the colors are brighter, the music catchier. It freaks me out a little, to be honest. And I wonder what subliminal messages are filling his head – toys made in China, juicy drinks filled with sugar.

The TV is turned to the music channels (which he doesn’t really care about), or off, unless someone is actively watching something. But how do I avoid commercials without turning the TV off every commercial break, which I have actually done a few times. Maybe I am being paranoid, and that it is simply the bright colors and music that he likes, that he is too young for consumerist brainwashing? Or maybe this is where it starts.

Would it be ironic now to mention that his daddy works for an advertising agency? Yeah, I thought so.