again? seriously?

Five days! That is how long Dylan was healthy, and now he has another cold. Snotty nose, cough, sore throat I’m guessing since he wakes up and cries every time he coughs. And next comes the ear infection. I already know it.

This is one of those things no one tells you when you’re pregnant. In the first year of life, the average infant gets sick 8-12 times! In the second year, 6-8 times! (note: these are common illnesses, like colds and flus.) I guess that puts Dylan right on track, unfortunately. We had a good first year – Dylan certainly was not sick 8-12 times, but probably more like two. He was also breastfed last winter. This year, he’s had about three colds in the past three months. That, right there, is your case for extended breastfeeding!

But it is part of the plan. This is how they grow their immune systems. It’s good for them, in the long run (keep telling myself that!). And I cannot even count all the reasons I am looking forward to spring.