oh, the misery!

dylan, teething

Today, in its entirety, was spent helping Dylan birth molar #2 into the world. We will name it Oscar, after his favorite-of-the-moment teddy bear.

In other news, because the rest of the world does go on, even if this household is teething – Tuesday marks the end of a 12-week “Biggest Loser”-type challenge I have been leading on one of my mommy boards. It has been so much fun to share my enthusiasm and little bits of knowledge with those wonderful ladies, and they have been the support and camaraderie that I needed to lose 11.5 pounds and almost three inches off my waist.

I’m not usually one to boast, but I feel pretty happy about this. I still have 34 pounds to go, but I don’t doubt I’ll get there. It’s just a matter of time now. Exercise has become a part of my regular routine. The bad habits have been changed. I noticed it especially over this Thanksgiving holiday, the desire to fit in workouts even though I was busy, and the freedom to eat what I wanted without eating too much.

It’s not about the diet – it’s the lifestyle. It’s the healthy choices you make every day of your life because you want to. Because it feels good to. You hear these kind of things over and over again, and then one day, like now, they finally make sense.