art in modeling and the end days

Ugh, this sickness! My poor, poor baby had this terrible sickness, and now I know why he was so sad! He’s feeling much better now though, so I can thoroughly concentrate on feeling sorry for myself. I sat around all day, watched a Top Model marathon on VH1 (yes! really!), and apocalyptic disaster documentaries on the History channel. But this is how you know we are really sick – when I turn to Jim and start discussing modeling as an art form, and he replies, yes, I guess it’s kind of like acting. Please, don’t listen to us.

Meanwhile, Dylan is feeling fine, and embracing his newfound freedom to run around the house like wild, still in his pajamas, playing with all kinds of toys and non-toys, baskets of laundry, Tupperware, scattered junk mail and newspaper. I’m just happy his diapers got changed, and we managed to feed him something from each food group.

I’m trying to pinpoint the exact moment he got it, and subsequently took down the entire family with him. The doctor’s office, when he went in for his flu shot. I shouldn’t have let him play with the toys. But then, how do you not let a toddler play when he has to wait for 20 minutes in a room full of toys? Now I understand the mom who was wiping down every single toy before she would let her kid touch it! I was thinking at the time that it was a little neurotic, but no! She was a smart lady.

So then Top Model (it was season 6) – I was rooting for that Sara girl. She looked like Scarlett Johansson. And as for the end of mankind, I’d rather us be done in by the black hole scenario. All the others involve burning in gamma rays, or drowning in mile-high tidal waves, or suffocating in molten ash. Most likely scenario though – probably nuclear war.