i love my husband

Of course, the night Jim has couch duty, Dylan actually sleeps 6 whole hours in his own bed! Dylan is feeling a little better today. Jim and I are doped up on DayQuil. We’re making it work.

First, before I tell you this little story, I want to say that it is entirely permissible to poke fun at someone who is normally brilliant, when they’re having a not-so-sharp moment. It helps keep their ego in check.

We were having this discussion while I was cooking dinner: how should we teach the baby about hot and cold? My idea was, why don’t we use hot and cold tap water? Thinking that he could touch the water with his fingers and the hot wouldn’t be hot enough to burn him, and the cold wouldn’t be too cold either.

Then there is this, from my clever husband, Yeah, but just don’t put his whole head under there or anything.

Thank you for that, honey! Where would we be without your wisdom? 😉