it is November, after all

Walking is peace! Better than coffee, better than a hot shower. Wonderful, absolute peace for 4.1 miles and 65 minutes. Dylan, in his stroller, is so calm and quiet. In the summer, we walk in the morning, with the grass still wet with night dew. In the fall, we walk in the afternoon, clinging to any scarce bit of warmth that is left in the days, with the fire-colored leaves falling and crunching all around us.

But there was no walking for us today, with the cold and rain and wind advisories. And sadly, it’s not looking likely for the first half of the week either. It’s getting to about that time of year I guess. Sure, I would be fine if I were alone, but most of the time, I don’t really feel like it’s suitable for Dylan.

Walking has been such an integral part of my healthy mindset these past few months. Especially now that he only takes one nap in the day. It becomes my second break. With him in the stroller, staring off at the cars and the houses and the sky, thinking whatever it is that toddlers think, I get to think too. I work through blog entries and stories and plenty of random daydreams. I sort out the day, and all there is to get done.

Hopefully we’ll still manage at least a couple days a week, until winter really hits, as long as it isn’t too cold, or windy or wet. I wonder though, how cold is too cold for a toddler to be outside for an hour or two? Assuming he’s bundled up and it’s not rainy/snowy/windy.

They’re predicting snow for tonight. I can’t believe it’s this time of year again already.