here we go!

Sim Blogger

Dear readers, I promise to do my best to be interesting and thoughtful. But let me apologize in advance, if in a brain-fart, I begin writing about what Dylan ate for lunch, or how long it’s been since I showered, or how I saved $9 with coupons on top of sale prices!!! And I promise, if I do begin writing such nonsense, I will at least try to make it funny 😉

So the following are reasons why I am motivated to take on all this craziness:

1.) I know it exists! I’d never heard of such a thing as NaBloPoMo until I read about it in Courtney‘s blog, so thank you Courtney! Because it’s kind of hard to participate in something that you don’t know exists.

2.) It’s so much easier than writing a novel! (NaNoWriMo)

3.) Because a few weeks ago, I saw a segment on the Today show with a woman, a mommy-blogger, who said her blog made her $4000 a month in advertising, and now I know what I want to do with my life!!! 🙂

4.) Because it is more productive than playing The Sims.

5.) Because it is much more productive than refreshing my mommy boards over and over again just to see if someone has posted something new. Yes, I really do sometimes, and I know just how pathetic that is.

6.) I’ve been meaning to write in this thing more anyway.

7.) And maybe it will get my creative writing energy flowing again?

8.) Because my kid is cute and if all else fails, I can just post cute baby pictures! Do pictures count?

9.) Because my brain is slowly and steadily turning into a dirty diaper.

10.) Because, ultimately, I just have nothing better to do 😉

Happy writing, happy reading!