disposable digital

dylan071013.jpg I have discovered something it seems the rest of the world already knows – that digital cameras are basically disposable cameras if they break. And mine is broken. It’s a small, but annoying problem – the shutter thing (?) does not open all the way sometimes, and will leave a shadow at the corners of the picture. This does not qualify as an earth-shattering problem, since I can still use it, and am actually not at all affected if I keep the zoom out past 2x. But annoyed still!

Panasonic wants more money to fix the damn thing than I paid for it in the first place! This is apparently something everyone in the world already knows. And I guess this is why they sell that break-insurance at the store when you buy your camera. That break-insurance that I never buy 😉

I really wasn’t in love with it anyway, and have my eye set on something more like this. But while I’m waiting for pigs to fly, I suppose my poor broken “Panasonic makes TVs, not cameras!” camera will have to do.