clean water is blue!

lakemich1.jpg lakemich2.jpg

My husband just wanted to see Lake Michigan. So we drove 250 miles, on this whim, and ended up in some little hole of a town, where they don’t do Starbucks, and everyone rides a motorcycle and honks their horn at you because you don’t know where you’re going. But thanks to Google we know that in this hole of a town, they have a beautiful public beach with a pier and a quaint little lighthouse.

So we saw Lake Michigan. We drove three hours there and three hours back, and Dylan was pretty good for the drive – as good as can be expected of a one year old. I just need to say though, after living on Lake Erie for all 26 years of my life, I can’t believe how BLUE Lake Michigan is. Brilliant shades of blue. And how cold! I can’t imagine it ever being hot enough to get in that freezing water! It must be because there is no crud to trap in the heat.

Note for future travels: clean sand actually blows, and it is not pleasant to have a picnic on the beach.