ten and a half months

Two front teeth, only. Cruising. Everything is “dada” – you are, I am, his book is, his toys are, and sometimes even his actual Dada. “No, you can’t have that!” Comes to Mama. Wants a bite of whatever you’re having. Stands in his bathtub! Stands in his crib. “No, leave it alone!” Wants to choose his binky, and when presented with a selection, he must try them each out first. A connoisseur of binkies. Sticky linty crawling hands. Sometimes sleeps through the night, sometimes wakes four times. “No, that’s not a baby toy!” Has hair. Pulls hair. Gives slobbery kisses. Gives hugs. “No, that’s not for babies!” Peek-a-boo! Cheerios! Drinks from a cup, but still loves his bottle. I’m gonna get you! The itsy-bitsy spider. “No roly-polys on the changing table!” Eat his belly. Make him laugh, again and again and again.