i love my immune system!

Dylan 8 months

I will never again underestimate my glorious adult immune system. For the first time this winter I can say that my baby is not sick. No cold, no flu, no ear infection. That means he is happy. And when baby is happy, mommy is happy 🙂

I wouldn’t go as far as to say he’s sleeping though, because this week he’s discovered how fun it is to throw his binky on the floor, over and over again!

I never even thought about cold/flu season until this year. I just don’t get sick. I never get a flu shot. I haven’t thrown up (with the exception of pregnancy, of course) since I was 9? But then Dylan comes along and he catches just about every little sniffle, runny nose, mucusy cough, and ear infection there is to catch. Crash course #367 in parenthood: babies get sick, even ones who were breastfed for the first 7 months of their life (dammit!).

So we are happily welcoming spring and the end of all this germiness.