still shacked-up with our 6 month old

After the new year, we decided, we would finally move Dylan’s crib out of our bedroom. It would be a little bit of a project. The crib would have to be taken apart because it is much too big to fit through the door. And my computer, files, and books would have to be moved into our bedroom so we could make the office into a nursery for Dylan.

And then we realize that this probably wont be happening. There is no cable hookup in our bedroom for the internet (and I’m glad we realized this before we took everything apart!). Which means that my computer cannot be moved to the bedroom, and Dylan cannot be moved either. Computers and sleeping babies don’t mix well.

This house is so badly designed. Actually, we are convinced that it was not designed at all – they must have just put up a few walls and plopped in a few outlets here and there as an afterthought. I build better houses in The Sims!!! There isn’t even really a cable hookup in the office either. Someone before us had somehow gotten a cable through the basement and up through a heating vent (2 stories!) into the office. The main telephone plug (hookup? outlet? what are the words for these things???) does not even have a power socket near it at all! We have to run an ugly 20 foot telephone cable to the nearest plug.

This house is JANKY! And we’re wasting insane amounts of money to rent it!

I don’t know what we’re going to do, but I have to get that baby into his own room. I haven’t looked into it, but I doubt we could get the approval (and I certainly don’t want to pay to) get a cable hookup rerouted to our bedroom. Maybe a wireless modem for the computer. Can you even get those for desktop computers? Any other ideas?