I’m running the 2007 race for the cure!

I’ve decided that I am finally going to run the race for the cure this year. No more just thinking about it. Now is as good a time as there ever will be. I have 50 lbs. to lose and running this race would be a great motivator for me to get in shape. I will run (not walk), and not come in last, in memory of my mom, who had 6 babies and never weighed more than 135 lbs. She died of breast cancer in 1996.

And I’m making Jim run with me, since he gained 15 lbs. of “baby weight” too 🙂

So I’m putting this out there, for all of you to witness. And now I have to do it. And I want you all to check up on me, ask me how my training is going and such. The Detroit race is on June 16th, 2007. I don’t expect to win it or anything, but I will run and not come in last. It’s something to work for.

Okay, there, now I have to do it! Eeek! 🙂