because everybody else is doing it…


I figured I’d start my own flickr account. Because everybody else is doing it. And if everybody else jumped off a bridge, well, you know… I’ll have one of those cool flash slideshow links on the side bar too, as soon as I can get my webmaster (husband) to do it for me 😉 There isn’t much uploaded right now except the complete chronicle of my pregnancy (Ha! and I say this isn’t a mommy blog!).

This picture here is just practice – I just wanted to see if I still remembered how to write the code for posting a picture. I’ve got a digital camera and I figure I should use it more often. Oh, and don’t mind the spill on my belly. All of my maternity shirts have stains on the belly. It’s like a magnet I tell you! Or a tray. I can set a bowl of ice cream right on it (which might be the real reason all my maternity shirts have stains on them…)

Look how big my little monster is getting!