uncensored brain sewage

I’m old enough now to say “I remember when…”, as in, I remember when I used to pay 79 cents for a gallon of gas. Remember that? It was the first year I was driving, the fall of 1996. Then the following summer the price of gas went up to $1.25 and we all whined and cried, “This is outrageous!” Wouldn’t you like to go back in time, stand around at a gas station in the summer of ’97 and laugh at them all?

Okay, now this next thought is going to sound probably both ignorant and naive, but I’m going ahead with it anyway because honesty is just so much fun. Sometimes I wish oil would just hurry up and run out already. So we could stop fighting over it, fretting over the rising price of it. So we could use our brains to come up with something more practical, more efficient. We’re pretty smart, you know, when we have reason to try. Ideally we would come up with a solution before the oil actually ran out. Ideally someone would have been researching and developing such an idea in these past few decades, considering the inevitability of it all, but I think they were busy making SUVs instead.

I know oil runs more than just our cars. Like I said, this is just some uncensored brain sewage.

I’m teaching my husband to drive recently. He is out of the parking lots and on to real roads. He is 27 this fall and never learned in England, so I’m teaching him here. Man is it scary! Let me tell you, teaching someone to drive is a huge act of self-sacrifice.

He’s not terrible though. We’ve had some moments, but overall, he’s not bad.

It’s strange the way an adult approaches learning to drive differently than a teenager. He makes sense of all the rules and procedures; he makes it all logical. He pays attention, asks questions. I don’t remember thinking about it all so much when I was a teenager. You push the gas pedal, steer the wheel, the car goes. If you’re lucky, you don’t hit anything. I was lucky most of the time. But I guess our adult minds don’t want to settle for just luck when it comes to safety. Teenagers could care less about learning how to drive, they just want the freedom of it.

That must be the reason they give us that fat auto insurance discount at 25.