Royal Oak smells like garbage today. And I don’t know if that’s just because it’s so hot here (and everywhere else today) and the world is just decomposing, or because the air pump I used to fill up my tires was near a trash bin.

We bought a new tire for the shit box this week. I went to get the tire resealed because it was leaking and they showed me a giant scuff mark, which apparently means the whole thing was about to explode.

So I watched them put the new one on. It was just a little gas station garage, no lobby, nothing to do but hang around and watch. You’d think they’d get self-conscious or something, working with people hanging around watching. Anyway, did you know that tires are GLUED on??? The tires we drive around on are held onto the rim with nothing but some stinking glue!

I don’t know why I thought this, but I always imagined that auto tires were kind of the same as bicycle tires, with the innertube inside, and the tread part outside. But no, there is nothing inside an auto tire. It’s just glued onto the rim.

Freaking glue! And then you drive off on it right away, a big heavy something-ton car, and you don’t even need to let it dry very long.

How can that work? How are all of our tires not popping off the rims every day?

So, anyway, that is my earth-shattering discovery for today.