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some days look like this…

Need to do some edits… pour coffee #1, might as well get Tumblr, Pinterest, and Facebook out of the way… coffee #2, okay now work, chapter 4.2, read it, one scene, push a few commas around… what’s the weather like out there? (wouldn’t know because I haven’t even opened the blinds yet today – haven’t gotten out of my robe yet either)… oh, edits *clicks back to manuscript*… read a chapter that is not 4.2, push around different commas… could at least work on some blog posts, stare at them, push some commas around… *song on the TV* oh hey, I like that, wonder if it’s on iTunes?… somehow magically end up on FLICKR swiping pictures that look like Leila, who is not even really IN THIS BOOK… WRONG BOOK!… coffee #3, chapter 4.2, stare at it, stare at revision notes, revision notes look like a big brick wall with holes in it… maybe feeling more visually artistic today, think about painting something instead, go to art space… art space is near the kitchen… make lunch… pour coffee #4, get stuck rereading chapter 2.5 – oh yes, that one is still my favorite, that one doesn’t even need much work at all… unlike 4.2, which is DEFINITELY not my favorite… get on Twitter to complain… contemplate coffee #5 but probably shouldn’t… feel bad about having not gone out for a walk on such a sunny day… child is coming home in an hour… read chapter 4.2 again, note two more things that need fixing but actually fix nothing… the big brick wall is infinitely big… push around a couple more commas… have complained enough on Twitter so decide to complain into a blog post instead.

At least the blog is updated?

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