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pictures of my NookColor

pictures of my NookColor

I added a new toy to my collection yesterday! 😀

My new NookColor (left) against my laptop (behind) and my phone (right).

pictures of my NookColor

pictures of my NookColor

pictures of my NookColor

(Starring books by N.M. Martinez, Shana Norris, and Karyn Gerrard.)

Inside illustrations (if made in color) are displayed in color as well, which makes me very happy since I’m planning a collection of my own with color photographs as illustrations! 🙂

And it occurs to me that I didn’t take any pictures of the actual text of the e-book, lol! Well, the text just looks like text on an e-reader. It’s very readable though. I’ve only had it less than 24 hours, and am still exploring it, but I’m really liking it so far! The size is just perfect! I had looked at an iPad first, but found it too big and heavy, while the NookColor is light, very thin, and fits comfortably in one hand.

pictures of my NookColor

And kids books look really great on this too! You can actually choose the option to have some of the kids books “read out loud”, which is pretty cool! (While simultaneously making me feel like a really lazy mom, lol! So I don’t anticipate using that all the time, but it’s neat for some books, especially long bouts of non-fiction about dinosaurs or planets.)

There are a lot of features I haven’t used yet that I think I’ll really like. There’s lending between friends. And also, if you take your Nook into a Barnes & Noble store, it will automatically connect to their wifi, and you’re allowed to browse and read from their full library of books for one hour a day, which I think will be really cool. I think it will really do a great job of simulating the experience of picking up a physical book and flipping through to see if you want to buy it or not.

It also has wi-fi and web browsing. My only gripe so far is that I’m finding the app market sorely lacking! There are only about 20-something free apps for it in the main app store, and only 300-something apps in total, most of which are very expensive. Maybe I just don’t know where to find good apps yet.

ETA: some second thoughts, now that I’ve been using it another day. One small gripe – Nook for Android is terrible! 😮 The margins are so big (even when set to small) that there’s hardly any room on the small screen for text. I never had this problem with Kindle for Android, where the lines of text stretch right across the screen. Has anyone tried Nook for Android yet, and know what I might be doing wrong?

I guess since my Nook is portable enough to carry with me pretty much anywhere, it doesn’t really matter if Nook for Droid sucks? 😉

And my only complaint about the actual NookColor itself is that I’m not too fond of the keyboard so far. I miss my auto-correct (am I the only person on the planet who actually likes auto-correct? lol!), and I really wish a few more handy keys, like the apostrophe or question mark, were placed on the main keyboard screen. I use those enough that it’s really annoying to have to go to the secondary screen for them.

I’m looking into seeing if there’s a way to install alternate keyboards – that would make me a happy camper! 🙂

7 thoughts on “pictures of my NookColor”

  • Wow! Very pretty. Kid books would look awesome on that.

    Looks like you have an Evernote and Goodreads app on it? Awesome. I wonder if the apps have to be coded differently and that’s why the selection is so small?

  • Very nice. Looks more sophisticated than my mother’s Kindle, that’s for sure. If I do get an e-reader, a back-light is an essential. Those color covers would be nice too 😉

    I hope printed books don’t die out entirely, though. I know it sounds snobby, but I would like to see my book on physical shelves in actual book form.

  • Congratulations on new toy…having new toys can be so distracting! I myself got ipad2 and love it, it does everything I want it to do, but I do use it instead of a laptop so…it’s always in my handbag like a notebook. Iv never heard of the one you got, but it looks like a neat little toy…Many happy and joyful days with it… Have fun 🙂

  • I have to admire from afar, seeing Nooks aren’t available to Aussies. 🙁 But it looks very, very cool! The books look fantastic on it and it seems like it’s about the same size as my Sony (I think it’s 6 inches). The fact that it has internet was new to me today but that’s pretty awesome as well.

    And LOL, despite the fact that it once turned Benita (the name of a lovely children’s TV presenter here) into “genitals”, I kind of like auto-correct too! It’s better than the iPhone auto-correct anyway!

  • That’s the first time I’ve seen my book on a Nook! Yay! I’m glad the colors look good. 🙂 That’s one thing I’m jealous about with the Nook Color, the ability to actually see the color in the images. But my eyes can’t handle looking at the screen for too long, the Kindle is easier on them so I’m stuck with black and white for now.

    On the read aloud function, is it a robot computer voice? The Kindle has the read aloud function too, but I hate how monotone it is, lol. Although I could see it being useful in occupying a small child for a little while if the parent needs to do something else at the moment.

    (That’s your couch your gadgets are sitting on, right? I think our couches are the same color. Random, lol!)

  • Nina, kids books are really awesome on this! At $250 I’m not sure I’d let him hold it though, lol!

    Renee, it’s very sleek and well-designed. I’m quite impressed with it! 🙂

    I want to see my words on real paper too some day, but I’ve given up hope for the store shelves, lol! Eh, mail order is good enough for me! 😉

    Speechless, ha, this summer is so full of distractions for me anyway, I might as well do nothing but play with new toys, lol! I seriously considered an iPad, but it was a bit big for what I had in mind – is it a 10-inch screen, I think? This one is 7, which is just what I wanted for reading on! 😀

    Carla, awww, I guess B&N is just an American company then? It’s a really nice device for the price, but you’re not missing anything from the B&N store or service, lol! There are other Android tablets to choose from too, though when I was last shopping, all the others were closer to the $400-$500 range. (Not sure how that translates to AUD?)

  • Shana, yay for being your first Nook picture! 😀

    We’ve only done one read out loud book so far, and it was a nice narration. Recorded I guess, because she was plenty animated, and not robotic at all. I suppose it’s sort of like listening to an audiobook, though I’ve never actually listened to one before, lol!

    That’s part couch, part closed laptop lid (the yellow). My couches used to be a lot closer to off-white than they are now, which is more dirty beige, lol!

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