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ripping off the little guy >:(

It’s what I had in mind, almost, but at the same time, it’s totally not. And these have me fuming:

Kirkus Indie
BlueInk Reviews

Both venues are charging self-published authors several-hundred dollars for a review.

As far as I know, publishers do not pay any reputable book reviewer (like Kirkus, or Publisher’s Weekly) to review their books. Correct me if I’m wrong, please, but I believe they just submit the books, two copies, a couple/few months before the release date, and the books get reviewed. Free.

None of these places will review a self-published book though. Even most independent book bloggers will not review a self-published book.

I read somewhere (can’t remember where), that the reason they’re offering up these services is because there are far too many books for them to review everything (fair enough). And that great small-press and independent books are being pushed aside (fair enough). So they thought they’d offer up this service, for a fee – but charge only the self-published authors? Big publishers still get their review for free.

Now if they were charging everybody a fee, that would be fair. If the fee was something a little less astronomical than four-hundred-freaking-twenty-five dollars! But they’re not charging everybody. Only indie authors, the little guys with the smallest budgets, and that makes me irate. >:(

4 thoughts on “ripping off the little guy >:(”

  • Oh I forgot to share this list with you. A book reviewer list for self-pub and small press. It seems legit and looks like a good lead.

    Ugh. That’s horrible that people do that. It’s sort of why I’m trying to get into active book groups on Goodreads, to see if I can find some good book reviewers. They are out there!

  • I can understand charging a fee in that it might cut down on the amount of self-pubbed books they receive for review (meaning the ones that someone threw together without spell/grammar checking, or understanding the development of characters and plot). But that the price is outrageous!

    Honestly, I have no idea if traditional publishers are charged for book reviews. I know I’ve had some newspaper/blog/small magazine reviewers offer to me personally to review my books and no one wanted a fee for reading them. My books were reviewed in Kirkus, Publisher’s Weekly, VOYA, and KLIATT (Publisher’s Weekly hates me, lol!), but I don’t know if my publisher paid for those reviews or not. I’ve always been under the impression that publishers just send the books to the reviewers and they read them if they want. I agree if they’re only charging self-pubbed authors and not traditional books as well, it is very unfair.

  • Aw, man, that sucks!

    I guess I can understand wanting to somehow separate the wheat from the chaff but charging hundreds of dollars doesn’t seem like a productive way to do that. A lot of crappy writers probably have that kind of cash to spare and a lot of amazing writers probably don’t. It does sort of seem like they’re trying to take advantage.

    By the way, I AM planning to get back to you some time this century! I’ve been getting horribly distracted lately.

  • Nina, oh thank you! That list is huge! I’m happy to see so many people reviewing indie books! 😀

    Shana, that’s really what gets me the most is that ridiculous price! And LOL, I’m half-glad I won’t be getting a review from the big dogs anyway, because I’ve heard a lot of authors say that Publisher’s Weekly didn’t like their books, lol! Don’t worry though, they’re just stinkers like that. 😉

    Carla, you know, that’s exactly the thing! Also because the better writers also know to avoid setups like that, while the newbie writers just don’t know any better. So newbie writers are just what they’re going to get!

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