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week #3/52: batteries not included

week #3/52: batteries not included

People were refusing to go out for New Year’s Eve this year – or at least some people were. Parties were being kept to small groups of friends, safe indoors, with candles and bottled water, canned goods and books to read. Maybe it was a bit silly, but I took note. I knew where our flashlights were, and yes, we had plenty of batteries. Some of those fat Ds our flashlights needed, and piles of the AAs that ran everything else. I even changed that stupid little 9-volt in the smoke alarm (with all those lit candles, who knows what might happen). And since it couldn’t have been any more than twelve degrees outside, I went shopping for extra blankets, in case we lost heat. And while I was at Target, I saw some Duracells on sale. And I had a coupon too – buy one get one free – so I bought four packs and got four free. Four free packs of batteries!

“Maybe we should stock up on ice and coolers,” Danny said. “So we can keep our beer cold when the power goes out.” His smart-ass grin spread cheek to cheek.

Really. No one was ever hurt by being adequately prepared for something. I don’t think anyone had serious regrets about knowing where their batteries were when the power didn’t go out.

– Lexi, chapter 4.5, Paper Birds


week 3: this is not an advertisement for Duracell or anything, lol!

(Might also be useful to note that this story takes place around Y2K-time, not sure if you could guess that from this excerpt alone.)

I almost went with another photo for the “official” week 3 shot – the slanted one in the outtakes below – but in the end, I just didn’t. It was, I don’t know, a little too off-putting? Lexi is clearly too much of a control freak for such a skewed photo, lol! Maybe that’s it.

A question, which I’ll need to know for my real project when it’s time: If I were to take a picture with a product brand in it like this, can I publish it in my story (for money)? Are there permissions needed for something like that?


outtakes: batteries and bottled water outtakes: batteries and bottled water

And bonus, pics of the snowLADY we made too 😉

snowlady snowlady

2 thoughts on “week #3/52: batteries not included”

  • While I like the angled shot, I think the one you chose is definitely the most appropriate of the three for the text. Just the basics to survive seems to be Lexi’s current state of mind and an artistic arrangement would seem to go against that. She’s trying to prepare herself and her family for the worst, she doesn’t have the spare capacity to make it look pretty too.

    Actually, come to think of it, not sure why I prefer the angled shot – the “must be perfectly symmetrical” control freak in me should be climbing the walls over that one *lol*

    PS – thanks for the link!
    PPS – love the snowlady. It almost looks like it might be worth putting up with the cold to build one of those, but for now I’ll stick to my sandcastles 🙂

  • Illandrya, thank you! You know, there is something both maddening and fascinating about that angled one, lol! But yes, that seemed to be the consensus over at Flickr too, that the orderly one fits the excerpt better.

    I had a ton of fun with the snow lady! It was really good heavy snow for it too – usually it’s just powdery and crumbles.

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