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two ways to feel better about your writing… and other assorted updates

#1: read your old college writing, you know that writing you were sure was so good, that you were sure would be published some day? And oh, is it bad! Rest assured that you are a better writer now.

#2: try some other hobby as a novice. Join a community where there are lots of professionals doing amazing work. Fail badly and stand in awe. Then realize that you are not this novice at writing. At least there’s that.

Sorry, I haven’t written in this thing in FOREVER. I do have some stuff in the works. I have SO much stuff in the works! (Too much stuff in the works?)

practice: sunrise shootStuff #1: I’m beginning a 52-week photography project. It’s partly a New Year’s resolution kind of thing, but it’s also practice for a writing idea I’m putting together. My project will be photos inspired by pieces of my own writing – you’ll get to see the first one soon enough, and I’ll post them here, as well as on my Flickr page, each week.

Stuff #2: the writing idea I’m putting together. I’m sure nobody remembers, but a couple/few years back, I was working on a novel of linked short stories. It didn’t work – not really. I abandoned it, and began writing other things instead, one of them being my current silly little web series. But after nearly three years of work on that, I now know where I failed that first time, and how to do things differently this time. And I want to try again. It’s a ridiculously crazy idea, because I’m not sure I’ve even seen this format done before except in my own web series.

The idea is that it’ll be a novel series in linked stories – with photography! It’s still in such a tender and fragile idea stage, but I’m all kinds of excited about it. It’ll also be indie-e-published, because I won’t even begin to try to convince a publisher to get on board with this crazy business! I’m beginning to think I wouldn’t even want a traditional publisher if it was a possibility, because this is something I want to do exactly my own stubborn way. Readers can read the series by the chapter each week (e-format only), or in book form at the end of the “season”, which I hope to do in both e-format and print. The series won’t begin until fall of 2012 to give me some time to wrap up some of my other current projects.

This probably makes no sense to a lot of people, but if you follow my upcoming photo project, you’ll get a small taste of what I mean by it.

Stuff #3: the novel continues to be written. Part of the reason the series isn’t starting until next fall, besides just my photography practice, is that I want to get this novel good and finished and out the door. I’m currently about 40% through the second draft.

So that’s that then. I have a lot of (self-imposed) work to do! And Stuff #4: I also want to do a better job at keeping this blog updated (for anybody who still follows this old thing).

11 thoughts on “two ways to feel better about your writing… and other assorted updates”

  • Well, wait till I post my pictures. They will be guaranteed to make you feel better about yours. 😉

    Do you think you might have a completely original idea with this novel series? That would be kind of cool! I’ve never heard of anyone doing anything like this but I’ve said before that I know nothing about the world of web fiction so I’m probably not the best person to ask!

  • Carla, I doubt it’s completely original. I know I’ve seen print novels made up of stories before. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen a series of novels made up of stories, and especially not one that wasn’t aimed for a certain genre audience. (Whoa, double negative? lol!) But really, the closest thing I can think of it being like (and what I’m actually largely inspired by) is prime-time type TV dramas, lol! That’s kind of what LH is really, a TV drama in literary form.

    But if it’s even the least bit original, then as much as I’ve been talking about it, somebody else is gonna get to it before I do! *zips lips from here on out* 😉

    I can’t wait to see your pictures! 🙂

  • I’m reading! I’m just a horrible commenter that’s all! I drop by to see if you’ve updated though 🙂

    I love the concept of “stuff #2” though I don’t think I’d have managed to pull that of myself I’ll be keeping an eye out for what you end up doing with it 🙂

    I should probably blow the dust of my own writing blog (the one that’s actually ABOUT writing that is, self!), instead of fiddling around with my tumblrs (in my defence, I write fiction there as a fun side-project sort of thing, so I am SORT of useful :P) and getting my headspace all filled up with 20-something girls!

    And get back to my ACTUAL writing projects, whichever I decide to look at. (I’ve gone from fantasy, to historical, to historical fantasy, to contemporary, to regency fantasy, to YA contemporary, to YA regency meets pirates… Yeah… I’m having a wee bit of a hard time concentrating on any one genre aside from the tumblr stuff :P)

  • Vilde, actually, what you’re doing is just fine! There’s no better time to play and experiment and find what you truly love to write. That’s why I’ll stand by the fact that writing LH was the best thing I ever did, because even though it wasn’t always very serious, it allowed me to experiment and find my voice and find the kinds of stories I truly love to write.

    Though as I tip-toe into my 30’s (OMG!), I think my play-writing time has to come to an end. It’s okay though, because at least I had that time to experiment, and I enjoyed it! 🙂

  • You know Laura, it may be not completely original idea – but how YOU execute it, will be. You have a unique and wonderful way of writing so it will be different and good.

    And yeah – I do read this place, but unlike your stories – I don’t comment unless I really feel led to say something.



  • Kiri, awww, thank you! I hope it works out. It’s nobody’s risk but my own, so I’m not (very) scared to try. I’m less scared to try than I am to market and promote the thing, lol! But we’ll cross that bridge when it comes.

    I’m glad to have you reading! I should give you guys something to read more often in this blog!

  • Yeah, I’m not really too worried about it, because at least I’m starting to figure out what style I prefer (which seems to be epistolary) and heck, at least I’m having fun =)

    That said, I’m starting to see how LH grew so big for you, because my “little” tumblr/blog project is well on its way of doing the same 😛

  • There is this Every Day Flash Fiction site which I have been visiting everyday, the staff there has been entertaining the idea of every day novel ( Not sure whether they could really kick start it, and don’t expect them to pay much even if they do. They pay $1 per each flash story they accept for on-line publication lol

  • lepifera, hmmm, interesting idea, I’m curious about their pricing model though. Was it $0.99 per chapter, with 60-80 chapters in a novel? Do they realize that means a reader ends up paying $60-80 for a NOVEL! Or might it be more a yearly subscription kind of thing instead? I’m still mulling over ideas for my own pricing model, but I won’t be making anyone pay $60 for the whole thing! 😮

    But I mean, good luck to them and everything. I took a look at their guidelines (which are very rigid), and my novel wouldn’t fit their structure anyway. I have a very precise and stubborn idea of how I want this serial project to go, lol!

  • Laura,

    The author gets paid the “total” sum of $1 per short story accepted, not per reader! The readers don’t get charged at all, though are encouraged to donate. I think they sustain the site by Google Ad.

    If that mode also translate to Every Day Novel, that would mean the author gets paid the “total” of $1 per chapter from the site. The TOTAL of $60 compared to the time and energy that goes into writing really is NOTHING, if they don’t pay additional by the number of web visitors.

    In terms of financial reward, you would probably be better off by hosting the novel yourself with GoogleAd.

    ETA by LRA on 12/9/11: please be aware that the discussion in these comments is simply speculation between friends, and is not to be taken as fact. A representative of Every Day Novels has contacted me to assure us that their authors are compensated fairly.

  • lepifera, ah, okay, I see what you mean! Agreed, that really is nothing, lol!

    My novel series is going to be e-published though, not blogged, so no ads required. It won’t be free to read, but I’m trying to arrange it so it won’t be very expensive either.

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