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why I haven’t been writing…

Wiltshire countryside from Liddington Hill

Because I’ve been traipsing about the English countryside for the last couple weeks 🙂

167 pictures in total, click through for the full set.

3 thoughts on “why I haven’t been writing…”

  • I looked through all the pictures– wow it’s so beautiful. Is it bad that I wanted to create a world for sims 3 as I was looking through the pics? lol! Ah addiction.

    I actually loved Swindon too. It’s beautiful and very charming. Maybe it’s just the Americans in us? Anything that looks like it has so much history probably draws us in. Actually, that’s probably the story tellers in us, huh?

    And Dylan, lol! It’s amazing how much he looks like his father, but he has your eyes. It seems to work very well. He’s cute even in tantrum pics.

  • Ha, I love how Stonehenge is in the background, yet Dylan cares more about the flowers. You just can’t impress an almost four-year-old, can you? 😉

    Love all the pictures though. I hope to someday make it to England and see it all. I hope you all had a great time!

  • Lunar, you’d better believe I was planning neighborhoods in my head too, lol!

    You know, that’s all we heard the whole time we were there was how much Dylan looks like his daddy! Especially if you’d seen the pictures of my hubby as a little boy, they’re identical!

    Shana, I know, lol! He really wasn’t impressed in the least. Though he might have been impressed if he was allowed to climb on them. I suspect that thought must have crossed his mind a few times 😉

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