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progress report, take a number, get in line

Oh sheesh, I think I have book #2 brewing in my head! Can I finish book #1 first, please? Take a number, ideas, get in line, single file, and no cutsies!

(I assure myself this time, book #1 will not be abandoned for book #2, no matter how it begs! I am too far emotionally invested in book #1, and it will be my firstborn! It will forever hold that place in my heart!)

But it’s helpful, I think, to see trends starting to take shape in the scope of my stories. I’m starting to notice some similarities, based on what book #1 is about, compared to what book #2 is about – life and death, marriage and relationships, trying not to become your parents…

I still don’t know if I’m writing YA or not. Upper YA maybe. Maybe not. The protags from novel #1 are 20 years old. But I’m thinking the protag for the second novel is going to be about 25.

There are also many strong women’s themes in my writing, so maybe chick lit? Whoa, crap, am I a chick lit writer??? But without the shoes, or publishing jobs in NYC? Is that allowed in chick lit? Midwestern quirky chick lit, with snow boots instead of stilettos? Come to think of it, my website is pink, lol! 🙂

I don’t know why I’m so dead-set on finding myself a niche to belong to. My very favorite authors – John Irving, Lorrie Moore, T.C. Boyle – don’t really seem to belong to any niche except just good, engrossing, quirky, literary fiction. Maybe that is a niche itself?

progress report for the week of 11/30:

I’m easing myself out of the turkey coma this week. I accomplished more plotty stuff than actual plumping of word counts (parts 2 and 3 are developing!), but I’ve enjoyed looking over what I have so far. I’ve found that the first part of the novel (chapters 1-7) is pretty much sketched, so now just to plump and polish and move forward. That’s exciting news, for me at least, because the plumping and polishing part is the easiest, for me. Once I have the bones down, and I know what’s happening and who’s saying what, and such, the flesh usually falls right into place (ha, bones and flesh, lol!).

Favorite line of the week, Danny and Hannah’s mom:

“Birds? Your father left you birds? I’m not surprised though. I didn’t know much about your father, and I was married to the man for twelve years.”

Hope everyone’s writing projects are going well! 🙂

2 thoughts on “progress report, take a number, get in line”

  • You’re not the only one with ideas knocking on the door! It’s like they know I’m seriously sitting down to write and plan something and BAM! “Hi, I’m an AWESOME idea! You have to write me! Or else I will annoy, pester and poke you until you do! 😀 Don’t I sound just great?!”

    Part of it happened as I was trying to figure out plot, which is pretty usual (“Hey, you having difficulties? Guess who’s all nice and slick and did I mention -easy- to write? ME! Write me and your troubles will be over! (Until you actually being structuring me, then I’m just as bad, but, whatever!) Write me!”) and very annoying.

    Mostly I stuff them in the closet (i.e. note them down) and ignore them, especially now when the outline for present project is starting to look interesting. (There’s bombs! And singing sheep (er, no, but there’s talking sheep :P) and hissing werecats (er, cougars and lynx, but… Whatever))

    I don’t know if you’ve heard (you probably have) about SMP’s drive for a new genre? Which is directed towards the guys in their twenties and such? Tentatively known as “New Adult”? Perhaps that’s what your book is? I don’t know much about it, but I do know that Diana Peterfreund have some thoughts on it (she has a series of books set at college, which from what I remember from the blog article was marketed as Adult some places and YA other places), which you might find interesting; and

    I can sort of relate to the want of knowing what genre you’re in, I have project on the back burner which could be anything from SF, Fantasy or Young Adult depending on what people feel about it. Quite confusing at times, but oh well, I figure I’ll write it first (or rather, finish present project then begin poking -that- project) and see what other people feel about it.

    Okay, I’m going back to try and re-name two characters (too many names with “D”, I’m not even that big a fan of names beginning with “D”) and actually name and profile my villain(s). And look up more Native American legends (’cause researching Seattle demographics and geography isn’t very interesting :P). I really like showers, perfect place to think and sort out plot problems!

    /end huge ramble of doom.

    Best wishes!

  • Vildea, you’re very right! Those new ideas always look so easy and tempting, but once you get into them, they’re just as much work as any other! I’ve totally fallen into that trap before!

    I also find that just jotting down notes for the idea tends to keep it quiet for a while. I’ve started a sort of “dump file” for this second book idea, and once I got a few lines of notes down, it did leave me alone 🙂

    I *have* seen people talking about the “new adult” genre! And I’m very excited about it too. I think it would hold a special place in the market, because it could draw from both the older teenagers, as well as twenty and thirty-somethings who still feel connected to that age.

    I’m very happy to see there’s a demand for the kind of stuff I’m writing – that can never be bad!

    Ha, I enjoy your huge rambles of doom! 🙂

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