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picture post – a happy anniversary

pink roses

Because it’s Monday, and Mondays are crazy for everyone, even stay-at-home moms, we’ll do a picture post!

Roses. I know, who hasn’t seen roses before? But these are my roses, and that makes them special.

I’m feeling a little bit frazzled today. I’m organizing another Biggest Loser kind of challenge with my mommy friends, and I have about 33 ladies this time around. That starts today, and hopefully I’ll knock off another ten pounds this time (minus the four that I’m making up from over the holidays, of course).

Frazzled also because my baby was just tortured at the doctor! His 18 month check-up went perfectly until it was time to draw blood for lead testing. Not a little finger prick, but a real in-the-arm blood draw! In his little baby arms!!!

She couldn’t get his vein in the first arm, and she couldn’t get it in the second either. And after about 5 minutes of trying, I said, no, we’ll try again some other time.

Ugh! He was so sad 🙁

And then he still had to get his vaccines! (A different nurse, thank God!)

So that’s all. But the roses are nice. They’re pink, and happy, and doesn’t pink make everything just a little bit brighter?

2 thoughts on “picture post – a happy anniversary”

  • Beautiful roses. They brighten up anyone’s day, regardless of who they belong to.

    On the blood draws… I’ve witnessed more than my share of baby torture inflicted in the name of medicine. Failed blood draws, blown IV lines, catheterizations, VCUGs, barium swallows, and even this contraption used to hold infants in the proper position for chest x-rays that truly looks like something out of the 15th century. If I never have to watch my son get poked again, it’ll be too soon. Hope Dylan recovers from the trauma and isn’t terrified by the doctor’s office for the rest of his early years.

  • Aww, beautiful roses! Short of demanding “get me roses or I’ll kick you”, how do I get my DH to give me roses for our anniversary? I have 8 months to work on that.

    Sorry about Dylan’s poor little arms! 🙁

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