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three things

There are three things:

1.) Tired! There is not enough coffee in the world to keep me awake. This week Dylan likes to wake up at 5:30 for a cry and a quick cuddle, but this morning, he decided to stay up for breakfast as well. Funny thing is that we had our alarms set for 5:30 anyway, so that I could do some writing, and Jim could do some work, but instead we entertained a tired and hungry baby.

2.) Tofurkey! Man that sounds weird, and for some reason, I feel a little embarrassed typing the word. But my vegetarian husband is slowly brainwashing me, and I have to say it actually tastes really good.

and 3.) Today is the day I stop eating like a frat boy. That day was also yesterday, and the day before, and it will probably be tomorrow as well. But anyway, today is the dayÖ

1 thought on “three things”

  • My regular alarm time is 5:15 on work days. On those days I have the insane pleasure of not getting out of work until after 7 p.m. Then there’s the two hour ordeal to get J out of grandma’s house and home. Then there’s dinner to cook, house to clean, dishes to put away, time to spend with the munchkin, and bags to prepare for the next day. I feel you on the tired! And I totally understand the not enough coffee! Most nights I’m asleep before my head touches the pillow.

    Tofurkey? I’ll have to try it for curiosity’s sake now. My little sister declared herself vegan for a few years, and I tried a lot of new stuff then. Most of it good.

    Fratbot eating is a good thing, sometimes. So long as it’s not an everyday thing.

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