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because everybody else is doing it…


I figured I’d start my own flickr account. Because everybody else is doing it. And if everybody else jumped off a bridge, well, you know… I’ll have one of those cool flash slideshow links on the side bar too, as soon as I can get my webmaster (husband) to do it for me 😉 There isn’t much uploaded right now except the complete chronicle of my pregnancy (Ha! and I say this isn’t a mommy blog!).

This picture here is just practice – I just wanted to see if I still remembered how to write the code for posting a picture. I’ve got a digital camera and I figure I should use it more often. Oh, and don’t mind the spill on my belly. All of my maternity shirts have stains on the belly. It’s like a magnet I tell you! Or a tray. I can set a bowl of ice cream right on it (which might be the real reason all my maternity shirts have stains on them…)

Look how big my little monster is getting!

3 thoughts on “because everybody else is doing it…”

  • Oooooohh! Look at the CUUUUUTE belly! *tears up* kinda makes me miss my preggers belly.

    I know sometimes -when it’s hard getting out of a chair/off the bed, or going up/down stair- it is rough, and physically demanding… but remember to try to enjoy it too. It only lasts for so long. (5 more weeks, right?)

  • You’re such a beautiful pregnant woman, Laura. Wow! When I was as far along as you are I couldn’t even get out of bed, and I looked like death. And yes, all of the shirts had stains on them, too.

    Are you at the point where Jim has to get behind you and push you out of bed with his feet yet?

    There’s this weird phenomenon that you’re about to experience where all of a sudden you don’t have that belly anymore, and you sort of miss it.

    I mean, it is handy, isn’t it? The perfect portable table. And there’s no feeling in the world quite as magical as feeling your child inside you. Amazing what a woman’s body can do.

    Heading over to check out the flickr account now.

  • I have some very cool video of my first munchkin in mom’s belly pushing around a glass of water that’s precariously balanced on her body. Very cute.

    Love your blog. Don’t worry if it becomes a “mommy” blog; we’ll keep reading.

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