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The story of my morning is avoidance. I’m writing this blog entry because I can’t figure out what comes next in my current short story. I wrote the beginning, I know the end, and now I’m stuck in this ugly and hazy web of a middle with my fingers all tangled in the strings.

I’m only home because I didn’t want to stop and get my tire sealed. It’s been slow-leaking since forever, and I figured I would just fill it up again rather than get it resealed today. Tomorrow – I will tomorrow.

I don’t really have much on my mind today other than the ever-pressing question of why the hell do we have to send every weather man in the country down to Mexico to stand in the hurricane??? As if we wouldn’t believe there was a hurricane if we didn’t see some sad intern standing in it, probably scared shitless. I know I would be.

No, I’m not reading Harry Potter!!! I haven’t read any of them.

But I am hopelessly addicted to Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson, which may sound like an equally shameful pleasure, but no, it’s really good. Really. I know, that’s what Potter fans say too.

And Hot Fuss by The Killers, which is not shamefully good, but just good.

Peace to you all on this bright and shiny morning 🙂

2 thoughts on “mindless babble”

  • Avoidance is not always a bad thing. At least not so long as you don’t let it take over forever. Maybe consider it breathing space instead. They say that sometimes you have to take a step back from your work or else you get too tied up in it.

    Having never read a single Harry Potter book, I can’t comment on whether they’re worth the time of day or not. I’m just glad my son is young enough to miss this craze. Hopefully whatever the rage is when he’s old enough to get obsessed will be something I can get excited about, too. Not holding my breath there.

    Hope the middle comes to you soon. I’m sure it will.

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