Stories from Lakeside Heights, a Sim-illustrated web series

Lakeside Heights was a pet-project that first began as a serialized blog story, illustrated with Sims 2. The stories posted online between 2008 and 2012 were something akin to first drafts, and they would cover about the first two books of the series. You do not need to know anything about the Sims games to read the stories. There is a modest amount of literary ambition, but also some funny, a few tears, a good bit of *swoon*, and is meant to be taken about 76% seriously.

This dark-comedy/drama/romance follows the interwoven stories of several families living along the shores of Lake Michigan in the later parts of the 21st century. In a future where the existence of other life in the universe is a given, the families will struggle to keep their lives together as the human race is pulled into our first extraterrestrial war.

This blog-based draft is rambling and a little messy, but most importantly, has also been a breeding ground where many story ideas were born, tested, and given space to grow. This blog will be discontinued in the summer of 2012, and I have long-term plans to revise many of the stories into a novel saga in a volume of five books, while other stories will go on to inspire stand-alone novels, novellas, or short stories. Some stories and characters will not be revised, and will live only there on the blog, which will remain online for your reading pleasure indefinitely.

You can read it here. Please forgive it’s rambling first-draftiness, and keep in mind that these story drafts may vary greatly from any final, published stories they’ve inspired. 😉

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