2016, so long sucker!

Please do let the door hit you on the way out! But 2016 was not all bad. Here were my favorite memories and accomplishments from the WORST YEAR EVER. 32 inches and still coming down for a few more hours. At least nobody seems to have lost power so far! #snowpocalypse2016 #snow A photo posted […]

are you afraid of heights?

I have gotten into the bad habit of not blogging these past few years. Not blogging non-fiction, specifically, because I still post my silly sim stories all the time. But here, I’ll begin to write something, and then stop because it sounds stupid, or it’s too short, or it’s too without any point. I funnel […]

this was not a vacation

*** FYI: this post is long and picture-heavy *** Part 1: driving through the mountains in the snow Dear Pennsylvania, your bridge is crooked. And then it started to snow! But it’s okay, we’re from Michigan and we can handle a little snow. We managed not to fall off of any mountains and Dylan was […]