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what the world is coming to

I ran across this blog via pesky’apostrophe this morning. This woman, Molly, is very brave to post the detailed instructions to a DIY D&C abortion for the women of South Dakota who are no longer able to get a safe and legal abortion in their […]

a love song

Jimmy’s favorite new hobby lately is poking around on the google video site. Some of this stuff is just so funny. I had to share this one, Bush singing a love song – really you just have to see it for yourself. I don’t know […]

i pledge allegiance to the flag…

My husband, being the cynical Brit that he is, wonders about the American patriotic arrogance. He wonders why there is an American flag outside every home and building. What is our deal with the flag? I didn’t know we were arrogant (and I bet a […]