happy birthday, America

My dudes, waiting for the fireworks to start. A few minutes of the DC fireworks, as seen from across the river in Arlington, Va. With commentary from Dylan. Note: the butterfly ones! We took a nice quiet stroll through DC after the fireworks, waiting for the trains to clear up – that didn’t happen, by […]

but it IS that exciting

Dylan was funny this morning. We looked out the window to find that the very persistent 18-inches of snow had finally melted away. Dylan’s reaction: “Oh, grass!” I wish I could even put as much enthusiasm into the word as he did. It was like he’d given up all hope he’d ever see it again […]

day 19: apple juice

I used to write songs about love, and loss, and God, and the tragic but hopeful state of the world. Today, Dylan and I wrote a song, and the lyrics go: “Apple tree, apple tree. Apple juice, apple juice.” I’ll save love and loss and tragedy and God for the novel, I think.

day 6: a green block

Dylan is holding a red block, with a green block snapped on top. I wonder what he imagines it is? It might be a car, or a space ship, or a boat… we play this game sometimes. “What is it?” I ask. He says, very decidedly, “Green block.” How’s that for imagination? NaNoWriMo Stats: end […]