week #13/52: hideout

There is no story for my photo this week. (And by the way, I’m sure anyone following this will have noticed that I’m hopelessly behind in my weeks, with little chance of ever catching up – and I don’t really care.) Last Friday, I passed 50K on the second draft of my novel-in-progress, and just […]

week #12/52: how to stand

This week’s excerpt is actually a title, from my in-progress collection of stories and poems: How to Stand on Your Hands *** notes: And so I went on a quest for the ultimate mangled dandelion. And I took a damn lot of pictures of them too! (I may or may not have even dreamed about […]

week #11/52: Easter eggs

Jodie was reading on the couch when Piper burst into the apartment, bringing the wind with her, smelling of dried leaves and the crispness of fall. Hayden followed behind her, tall and nervous. Jodie made men nervous. She didn’t know why. Piper ran up the stairs. Hayden stood in the center of the room. He […]

week #10/52: grow

“It’s summertime,” she said, clutching her arms tighter as it started to rain. “We’re always busier in the summers. The new shop, and Charlotte’s about to have the babies. I have a lot on my mind. I’m not mad.” He sighed. “Of course.” Though he wished she would just be mad, that he threw his […]

week #9/52: fallacy

Amelia came home to an empty house, and Drew’s absence from it felt unsettling. Coming home to him was a comfort she never realized until he wasn’t here. They didn’t officially live together, except that most of the time, they did. He’d even taken up a corner of her spare room with his laptop, his […]