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wordless wednesday: a crash course in feathers

A few words: this is one I copied from another drawing for class, so it seems kind of bad etiquette to post the whole drawing. I drew it, but it’s not really “mine” if that makes sense. Anyway, I finished it! There were SO many […]

the senseless challenge, week 4: taste (Leila)

For week 4 of the Senseless Challenge, I’m sharing a bit from my working draft of Leila’s story, A Thousand Simple Truths. I’m not sure where exactly this will show up in the final draft of the book, but I’ve always wanted to find a […]

on story webs: this is what my brain looks like

I hope this doesn’t blow anyone’s mind, lol! I’m tweeting all the time about my 23-or-something books in progress. This is to let you know that I’m totally not joking. For a while I was talking about Leslie’s story, which I thought was going to […]

the senseless challenge, week 3: smell (April and Beau)

Here’s week 3 of the Senseless Challenge: smell. This piece is excerpted and reworked from a few episodes of my blog story, StorySkippers Anonymous, but with the story skipping stuff edited out, because that’s just too complicated for flash fiction and I’m not trying to […]

the senseless challenge, week 2: sound (Stephanie)

Week 2 of the Senseless Challenge: sound. Stephanie’s entry is excerpted from another of my WIPs that some of you may have read pieces of before, an immensely huge sci-fi/drama called Lakeside Heights that is going to take me forever to finish. This piece actually […]

the senseless challenge, week 1: sight (Rita)

Week 1 of the Senseless Challenge: sight. Rita’s entry is excerpted from a WIP that I should finish sometime this fall, Nine Nights with the Studly Buddha. She was starting to forget what his clothes smelled like. She could hardly remember the scratchy feel of […]

the SENSELESS challenge

Check out the Senseless Challenge, started by author A.M. Harte. The Senseless Challenge: the facts – We have five senses. – May has five Fridays. – Each Friday is dedicated to one of the senses. – On that Friday, you post a flash fiction focusing […]

an update: commitment issues, owls, and books to look forward to

Most days, I feel like a flopping fish. Thing #1: EWTF is 8 months old now, which is a thing in of itself. I kept planning these blog entries — EWTF is 3 months old! Or, EWTF is 6 months old!!! The half-birthday seemed like […]