Nine Nights with the Studly Buddha, a novel in stories

Genres: short stories/contemporary/literary/women’s fiction/drama/comedy

Length: ~65,000 words/225 pages


Corbin Gray is a traveler, a scholar, a student of life, a philosopher, a conversationalist, a champion of truth, honesty, and goodness. But possibly above all else, he is a lover.

But this is not exactly his story.

Spanning fifteen years in the life of one man, these stories are told by many of the women who crossed paths with him, whether for one single night or for longer, whether for better or for worse, whether they used him or felt used by him, whether they loved him or hated him. In turns hilarious, hopeful, sexy, or tragic, each woman tells the story of one important night she spent with the Studly Buddha.

Among these women:

Rita’s story, When the Sky Stopped:

Rita O’Dell is a recent art school graduate, home from London for the summer to work for her parents, with a promising future ahead of her and a haunting past she can’t escape. As the Stonehenge tourists start to pour into southwest England for the summer solstice, she meets a kind spirit, a floater, an American hippie who looks like a surfer and talks like a professor, who might not have all the answers she needs, but gives her something else she never knew she was missing: permission to say the truth. When The Sky Stopped is a story about unexpected tragedy, good intentions that become accidental wounds, and how a chance encounter with a stranger she won’t know more than a week might help Rita see the future again.

Christa’s story, Little Accidents:

An English teacher in Japan befriends an American traveler studying abroad who needs to learn Japanese, and fast. The two lonely Americans in a foreign place strike up a comfortable and casual attachment, but before long, Christa comes to realize that on one of their parts, it does not feel casual in the least. But her accidental feelings are only the first unintended consequence of this arrangement.

Amelia’s story, Showing Skin:

A heart-broken and disappointed young woman attends a family wedding, wearing a problematic evening gown and holding a poisonous grudge that she needs to pay back. The groom’s best man is a total hottie and he’s single. Amelia isn’t the sexpot her cousin Bella is, and she’s never “hooked up” before, but the open bar is flowing and Amelia has something to prove. Bella started it, but Amelia is going to finish it. This is war.

Emmy’s story, Starting Over:

An out-of-work actress, failure in marriage and all aspects of life, falls from the glitz and glamour of LA to land back home in the suburbs of Michigan.

Leila’s story, A Sudden and Nauseating Stop

A married mother of two spends an evening at a spa that smashes into the comfortable trajectory of her life like a car crash.

You can read more about Amelia and Corbin in Exactly Where They’d Fall, available now!

*Some stories may release individually as well as part of the collection. Nine Nights with the Studly Buddha is a prequel to both Exactly Where They’d Fall and The Fish and the Bird.

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